3 – Centering: the hook-in

In Energy Medicine and Kabbalah
(Condensed from Energy Healing with the Kabbalah)

The Infinity Sign

The infinity sign is a universal symbol of eternity, and
both the connection and tension of opposites. We
will soon see the relationship of the Shema to to this
symbol. Energies connect and communicate to a
large extent in infinity shapes. Healthy energy
moves in infinity/figure 8 patterns both in individuals
and between people in positive relationships. We
have infinity patterns in the aura that surrounds us,
in every organ, tissue, and cell, and down to the
double helix of DNA.

Healing the body can be fostered by tracing infinity
patterns with the hands over an area that is bruised,
broken, or just painful. Smudging a room in 8
patterns helps to clear it of unwanted energies.

Rhythmically moving the arms in figure 8 patterns to
music activates the radiant circuits, the energies of
light which are thought to be directly connected to
the soul. The radiant circuits are hyperlinks that can

travel anywhere in the body. They are the energies
of joy, responsible for healing “miracles”.

The Infinity Sign In Kabbalah

Sefer Yetsira, the oldest kabbalistic text, describes
the Tree of Life, blueprint of the cosmos, as: “ the
end is in the beginning” and “their limit has no end”.
This also describes the infinity sign.

A similar description is offered in the prophet
Ezekiel’s vision of the heavenly throne/chariot, called
the merkava. The merkava vision details the
mechanism of bringing the light of heaven down to
earth. The process is called “running(ascending) and
returning(descending)”. Running and returning also
describes the shape of the infinity sign.

The center of the symbol, where the polarities both
connect and are separated is most powerful. It is an
active boundary, the space where connection,
unification, and healing takes place. Reciting the
Shema as you trace 8’s over the affected area
enhances the effects.

The Shema as a Physical and Spiritual Unification Practice

“It is significant that the Torah presents man and woman together as comprising the image of the Divine (Genesis 1:27). This clearly implies that male and female together form the image of God.”
-R. Aryeh Kaplan Inner space

The Shema is the statement of faith in Judaism. This 6-word declaration is proclaimed in every Jewish prayer service. It is to be said before going to sleep and again in the morning. There are many interpretations of the Hebrew:

שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל יְהוָה אֱלֹהֵינוּ יְהוָה אֶחָד

Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad

A basic prayerbook translation is:
Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is ONE.

In The Secret Doctrine of the Kabbalah, the late scholar, Leonora Leet states:
“ The esoteric meaning of the Sh’ma appearing most prominently in the Zohar and consistently repeated throughout the later history of the Kabbalah it that it affirms not a simple divine unity but a divine unification, Yichud, one involving a femininely conceived God who is immanent in multiplicity, YHVH Elohim, and a masculinely conceived transcendent God beyond all qualification, YHVH. The Zohar (2:216a) expresses this most simply in the statement:` This is the mystery of Hear O Israel, God is our Lord. God is One.’ The mystery is that the two are united as one.

This meaning is more clearly conveyed through the following translation of the Sh’ma:

Hear: [O] Israel,
YHVH Eloheinu [and] YHVH [are] ONE.”

The essence of Kabbalah is relationship..
to ourselves
to others
and to God.

The most basic relationship is that between giving, considered to be masculine energy, and receiving, considered feminine energy. They can serve to represent all opposites. No matter our gender, we all carry opposites within ourselves.
In the creation story of Genesis, there were 6 days of active creation. Six therefore represents the masculine. The 6 days were followed by the 7th, the Sabbath day of rest and receiving. Sabbath represents the feminine.

When these two, 6 as masculine and 7 as feminine, harmonize and consciously balance in us, their connection adds to 13.

6+7=balanced you

13 is the numerical value of the Hebrew word for LOVE, ahava.
( Hebrew letters have numerical values that are considered significant in Kabbalah. This study is called gematria. Words or phrases with the same numerical value have a symbolic connection, often with many layers of meaning and interpretation)

LOVE / אהבה (Ahava) = 13

But there’s more! 13 is also the numerical value
of the word for ONE/ אחד (Echad). So the more 13’s we generate through harmonizing and consciously balancing our opposites, the more love we create, and union, oneness, within ourselves.

When you as 6+7=13 are in relationship to another
6+7=13, the result of love+love= 26

26 is very significant number. The unpronounceable
name of God הוה-י (sometimes called Yaweh in
English but unpronounceable in Hebrew because of
the lack of vowels) has a numeric value of 26.

When love meets love, the result is 26/ unity/divinity

Another layer of this simple gematria can be discovered by examining the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph, א. Because it is the first letter, Aleph, א also has a numerical value of 1. But, the Aleph can also be interpreted as having three components, upper and lower yuds (י) and a vav(ן) that runs diagonally down the center, both separating and uniting the upper and lower yuds.

The Yud/י above the VAV ו(diagonal line) symbolizes the divine masculine, Heaven (in the Shema represented as YHVH)
the Yud/י below the Vav represents the divine feminine, Earth. (in the Shema, represented as YHVH Eloheinu)

The letter Vav/ו is also the word “and”, so:

The Aleph can now be interpreted as follows:
Yud/י, the Divine Masculine/Heaven
Yud/י, the Divine Feminine/Earth
are ONE.

The Aleph holds masculine and feminine, heaven and earth, and symbolically all opposites in balance.
The Aleph is truly a yin/yang symbol!

Another significant aspect of the letter א
is based on the numerical value of the 3 component letters:

We have already seen that 26 is the gematria of YHVH. As the Shema states: God is unity.

The Aleph, as both ONE and 26, is a symbol of this unity.

So how does all this relate to the Shema? There are 25 letters in the Sh’ma, not 26. BUT, if you count the letters from either end, the 13th letter, the one in the middle is the letter Aleph! ONE! LOVE!

In either direction 13+13 is created by the aleph, the ONE.

The Shema is a statement of Divine Unity: The divine masculine, represented in the Shema by YHVH and the divine feminine, YHVH Eloheinu, are ONE. Leet goes on to state that we are one with their Unity. All is ONE.
After affirming that all is One, and indeed everything is connected by love, we celebrate the diversity of our present world with the Baruch Shem Kavod Malchuto
and draw three hearts around the heart symbolizing spirit, mind, and body.

Energy and the Sh’ma

The Hook-in exercise, based on Eden Energy’s Hook-up, connects the major masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves, the central and governing channels (and symbolically, all opposites within ourselves.). These channels are radiant circuits, believed to come directly from the level of the soul and divine light. The hook-in is a beautiful physical accompaniment to the Shema as described below.


In our lives, we become “ONE” at the moment of conception. The fertilized egg, the zygote, is a single cell that downloads life force to spark further development. To this end, two special energies of light assist the entrance of the soul: the central(conception) vessel and the governing vessel. As the zygote begins the process of division, the front (yin=feminine)and back (yang=masculine) body form.

In our fully-formed bodies, the yin central vessel runs straight up the center of the body from the perineum to the back of the throat.
Its yang counterpart, the governing vessel, begins at the tailbone. It rises up the spine, traveling up over the head, over the crown chakra and down to the upper lip. It meets the central channel at the back of the throat. These two channels connect to form the microcosmic orbit. This circuit, as it travels around the body, sends energy to all the meridians, the radiant circuits, and the aura surrounding the body. It connects up into the cosmos and down into the earth, grounds and stabilizes the whole energy body, and enhances feelings of connection to oneself and others.

Advanced Kabbalistic Visualization
The Shema, as it is written, can be envisioned as the Infinity sign of Love and Oneness for there are 13=Love letters, including the Aleph/א, from both directions.

1. Close your eyes and direct the vision inward. The 3rd eye represents the sphera of Da’at: the channel between mind and heart, and the balance of all opposites.

2. As you press your fingers in and up at Da’at and navel imagine that these 2 points lie at the centers of each side of an infinity sign of love (13+13=26=1). The two sides connect at the Aleph/א over the heart.

3. As you hook-in, the infinity sign of love/oneness extends down through the Earth and out to Heaven. Heaven and Earth are connected and balanced through the hook-in.

4. Recite the Shema as you hook-in. Feel both your own wholeness and your connection to both heaven and earth.