Individual Exercises: demos & explanations

Individual Exercises

1 – Connection: Heaven rushing in

Extend the arms overhead, stretching the hands open to receive the blessings of heaven. When your hands and fingers begin to tingle, scoop up the energy and place your hands over your heart. Receive these blessings with the knowledge that you can always make this sacred connection. You can also bring this energy to an afflicted body part by repeating the exercise or by tracing figure 8’s from the cosmos to the part that needs healing.

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2 – Wake up the energies/ stimulate the immune system/ground to the earth: The 4 thumps

The four thumps are the foundation of the Eden energy medicine daily routine. Use fingers, knuckles or fists to tap vigorously on the acupoints and thymus, stimulating them as you recite the four lines of the traditional morning prayer of gratitude, modeh ani. Photos are provided to help you locate the points.

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3 – Centering: the hook-in

Place the middle finger of one hand in the navel and rest the other middle finger at the third eye (the space between the eyebrows). Place the index and ring fingers at the eyebrow arches. The 3 fingers create the Hebrew letter Shin, ש, the first letter in the name of God, Shaddai, the letter written on the mezuzah and the first letter of the Shema. The eyebrow points connect to the hippocampus, the emotional center of the brain.

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4 – Realigning Our Energies with the Seven Spirals and Connection to the 42-letter Name of God

The energy exercise called “The Seven Spirals”, created by Ellen Meredith, realigns the physical body to the universal rhythms of the cosmos. Performing the Seven Spirals clears energy all around the body and is a vehicle for creating balance between Earth and Heaven. As the energies clear, the body becomes calm, less stressed. The many energy patterns we possess (chakras, meridians, aura, etc.) are encouraged to communicate. Personal power becomes centered and solid.

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5 – Protection: the smart filter and zip up

The Aura is your personal energy field. It encases and surrounds the physical body extending some inches beyond the outstretched fingertips. The edge of the aura forms a boundary between the you and not you. Sometimes the aura takes on unwanted energies from those around you or your own energies can leak out, causing physical or emotional depletion.

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