4 – Realigning Our Energies with the Seven Spirals and Connection to the 42-letter Name of God

The energy exercise called “The Seven Spirals”, created by Ellen Meredith, realigns the physical body to the universal rhythms of the cosmos. Performing the Seven Spirals clears energy all around the body and is a vehicle for creating balance between Earth and Heaven. As the energies clear, the body becomes calm, less stressed. The many energy patterns we possess (chakras, meridians, aura, etc) are encouraged to communicate. Personal power becomes centered and solid.

The Seven Spirals are in effect clearing the chakras of your relationship with universal energies in all directions outside the body, and then realigning these forces with those inside the body.

We have found in my classes that the Seven Spirals balance the energies of the body so well that it has replaced about 10 other exercises we used to do.

Kabbalah Background
The prayer to be recited with the seven spirals is called Ana B’koach.
The following explanation is condensed from Energy and Kabbalah

The essence of Kabbalah is relationship..
to ourselves
to others
and to God.

The most basic relationship is that between masculine and feminine energies. Masculine energy is outwardly directed, active energy. Feminine energy is receptive and more inwardly focussed. No matter our gender, we all carry these and many other opposites within ourselves. Masculine and feminine/giving and receiving/ can serve to represent all opposites in relationship.
How does this relate to Ana B’koach and the Seven Spirals exercise?

In the creation story of Genesis, there were 6 days of active creation, bestowing. Six therefore symbolizes the masculine. The 7th day became the Sabbath , the day of rest and receiving. Sabbath represents the feminine. In Kabbalah, all blessing has the intention of creating a Divine Union between Heaven(the divine masculine) and Earth(the divine feminine), between the Spiritual and the Physical.

In the Shema discussion, we noted that 6+7=13~ love~unity

The mystical union of masculine and feminine can also be thought of as
6 x 7 which equals 42.

In Hebrew, there are many names for God. There is a 42-letter Name of God which symbolizes this mystical union. The Name derives from intricate transformations of letters in the creation story.

Like the 4-letter name YHVH/י-הוה, discussed in the section on the Shema, the 42-letter Name cannot be pronounced. In order to access it, Rabbi Nehunia Ha-Kanoh, in the 1st century, created a 42-word prayer, Ana B’Koach. The first letter of each word creates the 42-letter name.

As mentioned, the letters of the Name are derived from the creation story, and the form of the prayer reflects the story as well. There are 7 lines, each with 6 words. The 6 words in each line symbolize the 6 days of active creation, while the 7 lines symbolize the Sabbath, and coincide with the 7 directions of the energy practice. There is great power in this prayer which can be used both for healing and meditation.

Energy/Kabbalah Background

The Seven Spirals and Ana Bekoach are an uncanny match.

In Seven Spirals, “wax on/wax off” shapes are traced in the 7 sacred directions, both clockwise and then counterclockwise .It does not matter which way you start, clockwise or counter, since you go both ways. With the palm facing away from you, circle the hand about 6-8 times in one direction

and then reverse the process,

to the:
right / left
front / back
up / down

The 7th direction brings the energy into the heart. Circle with the palms facing inward toward the body in one direction and then reverse. This 7th, and last line of Ana B’Koach, symbolizes our inner God-presence, the divine feminine, referred to as Shechina.

In the video, you will notice that one hand traces spirals while the other cups the earlobe. Cupping the fingers behind the ear opens the habit field, helping the body receive and integrate this practice.

The inclusion of Ana Bekoach as you draw the Seven Spirals involves either reciting the prayer or its translation, or holding the intention the lines convey.


Interesting Factoids

“Wax on” and “wax off” spirals are actually ancient Jewish mystical symbols.
On the Jewish holiday of Sukkot the seven directions are the essence of the custom of shaking the lulav.
In energy medicine, spirals are routinely used to clear chakras and bring in fresh energy. )
There is also a formula for reciting an abbreviated form of the prayer using the first letters of the words in each line but it is too complex to be included here.

For each of the seven directions, recite the corresponding line of Ana B’ Koach in Hebrew or its English translation (loosely adapted from several traditional sources.) If this is too complicated, simply connect as deeply as you can to the intention of the line as provided below, or substitute your own intention as desired.

Repeat whatever you have chosen when reversing the spirals.

The Seven Spirals of Ana B’koach With palm facing away, about 8” from the body

1. Spiral on the right side of the body: recite:

אנא, בכח גדלת ימינך תתיר צרורה

Ana b’ koach gedulat yemincha tatir tserura
Source of Mercy, with Your loving strength relieve me of my burdens
or think:
I am kind, open, and compassionate.

When you reverse spiral direction, repeat the words you have chosen or continue to hold the intention.


2. Spirals on the left side recite:

קבל רנת עמך, שגבנו, טהרנו, נורא

Kabel Rinat Amcha Sag’venu Ta’ha’re’nu Norah
Accept my prayersong: elevate me, purify me, Holy One
or think:
I release my blockages

When you reverse spiral direction, repeat the words you have chosen or continue to hold the intention


3. Spirals in front recite:

נא גבור, דורשי יחודך כבבת שמרם

Na Gibor Dorshei Yechudcha Kevavat Shamrem
Please, Hero, Guard Your Precious Ones like the Apple of Your Eye
or think:
The Glory of God is surrounds me in Harmony and Beauty.

When you reverse spiral direction, repeat the words you have chosen or continue to hold the intention


4. Spirals Behind (wherever you can reach, remember palm faces away) recite:

ברכם, טהרם, רחמי צדקתך תמיד גמלם

Barchem Taharem Rachmei Tzidkadcha Tamid Gamlem
Bless me, purify me, infuse me with compassion
or think:
I am blessed, purified, infused with compassion

When you reverse spiral direction, repeat the words you have chosen or continue to hold the intention


5. Spiral Up over the head recite:

חסין קדוש, ברוב טובך נהל עדתך

Cha’seen Ka’dosh B’rov Tuv’cha Na’chel A’da’te’cha
Gracious Source, Overflowing with Goodness, Guide me
or think:
I am open and grateful to receive insight as to my purpose.

When you reverse spiral direction, repeat the words you have chosen or continue to hold the intention


6. Spirals Down (Imagine them beneath your feet) recite:

יחיד גאה, לעמך פנה, זוכרי קדשתך

Ya’chid Ge’eh L’Am’cha P’Nai Zoch’ray Ke’du’sha’te’cha
Infinite One, turn to your people who remember your Holiness
or think:
I am connected to myself, to others, and to You with my deepest heart.

When you reverse spiral direction, repeat the words you have chosen or continue to hold the intention


7. Turn palms toward you. Spiral IN TOWARD the HEART recite:

שועתנו קבל ושמע צעקתנו ,יודע תעלומות

Shavatenu Kabayl U’Shma Tza’a’ka taynu Yodayah ta-alumot
Accept our pleas and hear our cries, You who know our most hidden secrets
or think:
I am here the present moment

When you reverse spiral direction, repeat the words you have chosen or continue to hold the intention


As Ana B’koach stands for a Holy Name it is traditional to end with Baruch Shem as in the Shema, and draw 3 hearts over the heart